Automation Testing using Selenium & Katalon Studio | Learn Test Automation with Katalon Studio


Course Link- Automation Testing using Selenium & Katalon Studio

Learn to automate web application with Katalon Studio , which is as simple as using the excel file

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What you’ll learn
  • Web application automation and test framework
  • Mouse and keyboard action for automation
  • Handling the actions which can be perform on the browser for automation
  • Test Suite creation and execution them in sequence/parallel
  • Continuous Integration
  • Basic Understanding of Object oriented programing language
  • Basic understanding of java language and syntax
  • Basic understanding of selenium web driver
Course Description By  Instrcutor

Are you an IT professional, want to switch your career to automation. Because of programing language , you always find it difficult to write the automation script.

Well, this course will solve your problem. In this course, I am going to teach you a tool using which you can write the automation script without having dependency on programing language. Katalon Studio is easy to use and a powerful automation tool for web application

This tool is built on top of selenium library and most of the feature required for test automation framework such as

  1. Suite creation
  2. Running test in parallel
  3. Report generation
  4. Continuous Integration

comes out of the box along with this tool.

Writing the automation script using this tool is as simple as using the excel file

Also as an instructor, I will provide support for your question. Just post your question in the discussion corner. What ever framework/test script developed as part of course will be provided for download at end of the course

Who is the target audience?
  • IT professionals who want to learn automation testing
  • A manual tester who want to switch their career to automation testing
  • Fresher’s/Graduates who want to start their career in IT

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